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We carry a large selection of underlay, door plates

and accessories for carpet, vinyl, and solid floors

Carpet Underlay

We recommend High Density (PU) Foam or Wool Felt underlay

depending on the carpet to be fitted.

We also have more specialist underlays available for under floor heating etc.

High Density (PU) Foam Underlay

High Density Foam underlay

Available in a variety of thickness our High Density Foam underlays offer a sumptuous feeling underfoot whilst providing durability, longevity, noise reduction and provide excellent heat insulation.


41db - Tog 2.0

Offering a plush soft feeling underfoot and suitable for all types of floor surfaces.

It is also ideal for those wanting to purchase a thick carpet but avoid having to shave their doors 


44 db - Tog 2.7

Our most popular underlay, suitable for all types of floor surface and carpet.

Offering a superior quality feel underfoot and is the ideal thickness for use on stairs & other high traffic areas


All our High Density Foam underlays are guaranteed for the lifetime of the carpet it is initially fitted under.

Beware of inferior lower density PU underlays.

Lower density products have been seen to create dimensional stability problems in some installations where the carpet has stretched due to the excessive vertical movement as the underlay is compressed during normal use.  This can cause particular problems on seams & stairs.

We do not recommend the use of any underlay over 10mm thick for the same reasons.


Wool Felt Underlay

A quality underlay manufactured entirely from 100% recycled materials

For those wanting a more traditional feel underfoot.

Wool Felt underlay

3.00 Tog  Rating

39 Db Sound Rating

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This is only a small selection of the our flooring accessories

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