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Important Advice Regarding Stain  Treatments

We do not recommend the application of any aftermarket stain treatments to quality wool carpets. The application of such products harms the natural properties of the wool and offer very little to no protection against the most common spillages that effect carpets.


None of the quality British manufacturers endorse there use and they can void any product guarantee.


Brintons anti-stain policy

"Wool rich carpets are inherently soil resistant, they have a natural ability to repel liquids and subsequently have a reduced tendency to stain. Therefore, they generally require less cleaning than many synthetic fibre carpets. 


We do not actively promote the application of treatments nor accept responsibility for any problems associated with their inappropriate use or poor application. In these circumstances our product guarantee will be void. "


Always read the small print!


These products are often sold on the basis of 5 / 10 year warranties which are actually a waste of time when you read the details. They often require re-application every 12 to 6 months depending on use with heavy traffic areas not being covered.


Bellow is an example taken form a well known stain protection product showing the type of stains excluded.


"No carpet is fully stain proof. This Limited Warranty excludes stains from:

A)non-food and non-beverage substances;


B) Such foods and beverages that contain strongly coloured natural disperse dyes as found, for example, in mustard, herbal tea;


C) Very hot beverages, such as coffee, tea or soup;


D) vomit;


E) drain cleaner, plant food and iodine;


F) stains which may occur in high traffic areas such as stairs and hallways."



If you are concerned about staining / soiling choosing a quality British wool carpet is a step in the right direction. Alternatively we recommend the use of 100% man-made fibre carpets which are inherently stain-resistant but they do have different wear characteristics to wool.

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